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Hey lad! I'm An and between drowning in self pity and working on a plan of world domination i draw.. As for This blog it's dedicated to MCL & Eldarya.
Enjoy c:

Commissions are OPEN.

The songs:
-Two Steps From Hell – Winterspell
-Two Steps From Hell – Archangel
-Marcin Przybyłowicz – Hunt or Be Hunted
-Audiomachine– Ashes to Ashes
-Audiomachine – Triumph & Loss

Guys guys guys! 

So you know that Halloween’s approaching, aaaaand our english teacher decided to make some kind of (high) school party, and stuff ..but here’s the problem: We need more ideas/ plots/ scenarios ..well everything connected to that.

So here’s what i’m asking: Could you please give us a hand? Maybe you have something in your mind..or saw something recently? Or i don’t know.. really anything would be helpful as long as it’s relevant (to halloween i mean c’:)

So yeah… any suggestions?

B.) Get to class early to study for your test.


Book smarts increase a bit!

You say goodbye to Alexy and head to your locker quickly. You grab your books, and make way to the classroom.

When you arrive, you immediately take a seat in your desk, and open your notes. You remembered the spots you had trouble with, and go over those parts. Other students stand around and talk. A couple of students jokingly complain about the test, asking if it can be moved. The teacher laughs, then says no.

After a couple minutes, the teachers says it’s time to put everything away except a pencil. You push your books off your desk, and set them on the floor. It’s just a normal test, but you’re a bit nervous anyways.

As your handed a test, you become relieved. Everything you were just studying is right at the beginning. You manage to answer those with little difficulty. You work through your test, and finish around the same time as everyone else.

The teacher gave no extra work for after the test, so you just sketch. What is it your sketching.

What is it you sketch?

A.) Something human-like.


B.) Something more abstract.


Dake for you. So yeaaah…

My entry for the contest… Nothing special, but hey at least i tried!

Eldarya: Rosalya

I did it! DID IT! ..And it took me less than 10 years..now that’s what i call progress!..  c’:..

Anyway who do you wish to see next? Or maybe you have some questions..well you probably don’t.. but my job is to offer!?

Anonymous asked: Hello!I have one question! Where is Rosalya from Eldarya?

She’s coming out soon.. just as everyone else from the series i haven’t drawn already….I actually have sketches done already buut…  i just need more motivation. c’: …someone give me it..


Scouting Mission Successful! A new entry in the Codex has been unlocked. 

This tag hasn’t fully died, has it? I’m sure after meeting some feline- okay I’ll stop, it’s getting too cheesy.

Full View

** Credits to morethan24hours for that amazing artwork~**


Okay i posted it on deviantart.. so i guess i’m going to post it here as well.

 Half body (digital/traditional)
Sketch 3€
Colored 6€

Full body(again it applies to both digital and traditional. You can request simple cell shading or more realistic~ really any style you saw in my gallery~it will not affect the price)
Sketch 5€
Colored 11€

Outfit design
x1 outfit- 1€
x5 outfits- 4€
x10 outfits- 7€

My deviantart


Codex Update: Entry #2 has been added.

Here’s another page for all you wonderful people. There’s more to come…hopefully. Haha, I’m joking. More pages will be updated soon.

**Credits to morethan24hours for those amazing art skills. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL.**

Fullview cuz my blog won’t show it

Anonymous asked: and castiel? :c

What’s with him? Or you mean why didn’t i draw him yet? Well fella patience is the greatest virtue!

The real reason tho is my laziness. Hard to get things done.

allthecandies asked: It would be wonderful if you were working on Eldarya. Your fan art is absolutely amazing. You've been keeping me sane in the wait.

It would be GREAT indeed.. buuut i am not.. gotta live with it c’: All i can do now is hope that everything will change when the fire nation will attack and give my art some purpose.

Also i’m glad to know that it at least somehow makes the waiting process more tolerable.. Guess i’m not that useless after all c:

Thanks again!

Anonymous asked: Are you on the team that is working on Eldarya? :O Or is the stuff you make fan art/content?

OH NO, No, No!! Tho i’d like to..Sorry if i made you wonder.

To make it clear: All i do is make fanart, mainly related to MCL in the Eldarya world. I honestly don’t know what the original Eldarya is about, well only the general stuff posted on the official page.  All the content of my blog was done just for fun..and maybe to keep the tag somewhat alive.

Presenting you the Codex! which is supposed to give you an insight  into the world of Mcl-Eldarya..More pages to come!


**Special thanks to Anilisse for doing such an amazing (writing) job**


Here is fanart of fanart. I really loved morethan24hours's Eldarya-esque version of Iris. I fell in love with her design and I had ideas and— I had to do a chibi haha. Of course she doesn’t look as cool as the original.

Tumblr | DA

Oh my Gawd! i love you